Toshiba Satellite A105-S1712 laptop inverter Brand New !


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Toshiba Satellite A105-S1712 15.4 Lcd Inverter - New

Looking for a replacement Toshiba Satellite A105-S1712 15.4 Lcd Inverter ?

You have come to the right place. We have many inverters for various laptop notebooks and for various manufacturers like Apple , Acer , Averatec , Compaq , Dell , Hp , Ibm , Sony , Toshiba , and more. Some inverters are interchangeable but you have to make sure that they are indeed compatible. The best is to get the exact part number. In most cases it is the lcd inverter that is faulty and not the lcd screen itself. If you need help determining if it is the inverter that is faulty please check this link Diagnose lcd

If you don't find the lcd inverter you are looking for please feel free to contact us by clicking Here

BRAND NEW Toshiba Satellite A105-S1712 15.4 Lcd Inverter

Compatible with the following part numbers: V000101780 , V000053040 , V000070350 and V000061980
Part #: Various
Compatible with the following laptops: Toshiba Tecra A4 , Toshiba Tecra A7 , Toshiba Satellite M40 , Toshiba Satellite M45 , Toshiba Satellite M115 , Toshiba Satellite M110 , Toshiba Satellite A105 , Toshiba Satellite A100 Series
Compatible with the following A105 series:
PSAA0U-018002      PSAA0U-018002B
PSAA0U-018003     PSAA0U-019002
PSAA0U-019002B     PSAA0U-019003
PSAA0U-01C002     PSAA0U-01C002B
PSAA0U-01C003     PSAA0U-01C003B
PSAA0U-01F00D     PSAA0U-01Q002
PSAA0U-01Q002B     PSAA0U-01Q003
PSAA0U-01Q003B     PSAA0U-01Y00Y
PSAA0U-01Y00YB     PSAA0U-03200K
PSAA2U-005019     PSAA2U-005019B
PSAA2U-00501C     PSAA2U-006019
PSAA2U-006019B     PSAA2U-01T018
PSAA2U-01T018B     PSAA2U-01X019
PSAA2U-01X019B     PSAA2U-01Y018
PSAA2U-01Y018B     PSAA2U-01Y019
PSAA2U-037018     PSAA2U-037018B
PSAA2U-049018     PSAA2U-049018B
PSAA2U-04C018     PSAA2U-04C018B
PSAA2U-04E018     PSAA2U-04E018B
PSAA2U-04P018     PSAA2U-04P018B
PSAA2U-04U019     PSAA2U-04U019B
PSAA2U-04V022     PSAA2U-04V022B
PSAA2U-04W018     PSAA2U-04W018B
PSAA2U-04W019     PSAA2U-05803P
PSAA2U-05803PB     PSAA2U-059018
PSAA2U-059018B     PSAA5U-00K00G
PSAA5U-00K00GB     PSAA5U-00R00K
PSAA5U-00Z01C     PSAA5U-00Z01CB
PSAA5U-01300Q     PSAA5U-01300QB
PSAA5U-01900P     PSAA5U-01900X
PSAA5U-01P00P     PSAA5U-01P00PB
PSAA5U-01Y010     PSAA5U-01Y010B
PSAA5U-02100R     PSAA5U-02100RB
PSAA5U-021011     PSAA5U-02101D
PSAA5U-02101DB     PSAA8U-02000U
PSAA8U-02000UB     PSAA8U-02200U
PSAA8U-02200UB     PSAA8U-02N008
PSAA8U-05400J     PSAA8U-05400JB
PSAA8U-05H00K     PSAA8U-05H00KB
PSAA8U-05T00K     PSAA8U-05T00KB
PSAA8U-05W025     PSAA8U-05W025B
PSAA8U-06200J     PSAA8U-06200JB
PSAA8U-06300J     PSAA8U-06300JB
PSAA8U-06S02L     PSAA8U-06U02K
PSAA8U-06U02KB     PSAA8U-06U02R
PSAA8U-06U02RB     PSAA8U-0D902K
PSAA8U-0D902KB     PSAA8U-0EJ008
PSAA8U-0EP02K     PSAA8U-0EQ034
PSAA8U-0EQ034B     PSAA8U-0ER02K
PSAA8U-0ER02KB     PSAA8U-0ER039
PSAA8U-0EV034     PSAA8U-0EV034B
PSAA8U-0K102K     PSAA8U-0K102KB
PSAA8U-0K202K     PSAA8U-0K202KB
PSAA8U-0K202R     PSAA8U-0K202RB
PSAA8U-0K602K     PSAA8U-0KN02K
PSAA8U-0LK034     PSAA8U-0LK034B
PSAA8U-0P0034     PSAA8U-0P0034B
PSAA8U-0P1034     PSAA8U-0P1034B
PSAA8U-14602K     PSAA8U-14602KB
PSAA8U-14702K     PSAA8U-14F02K
PSAA8U-14F02KB     PSAA8U-14L02K
PSAA8U-14M02K     PSAA8U-14M02KB
PSAA8U-14N02K     PSAA8U-14N02KB
PSAA8U-14N02R     PSAA8U-14N02RB
PSAA8U-15C008     PSAA8U-15C008B
PSAA8U-15D011     PSAA8U-15D011B
PSAA8U-15E008     PSAA8U-15H008
PSAA8U-172034     PSAA8U-17Q02K
PSAA8U-1KU008     PSAA8U-1L502K
PSAA8U-1L502KB     PSAA8U-1LX034
PSAA8U-SK702K     PSAA8U-SK7034
PSAA8U-SK7034B     PSAA8U-SY102K
PSAA9U-012009     PSAA9U-07L009
PSAA9U-0UK03U     PSAA9U-0UL009
PSAA9U-13L03U     PSAA9U-13M009
PSAA9U-13M009B     PSAAKU-009006
PSAAKU-009006B     PSAANU-03S029
PSAANU-03S029B     PSAANU-04N029
PSAANU-04N029B     PSAANU-04N039

Condition: Brand new
Warranty: 90 Days

Package contents: 1 - Toshiba Satellite A105-S1712 LCD Inverter

Does this inverter require additional drivers?: No it does not.

Diagnosis / Recommendations
Do I need a new inverter? Perhaps. Is your lcd:

Dim / Black?A dim display is either the result of 1) a faulty inverter which is a separate piece from the display or 2) a buarned out backlight which is part of the display. In the majority of instances, the inverter is the cause of the problem and not the backlight as most people tend to assume and therefore does not require the purchase of a display.

Returns & Exchanges:In event that you need to exchange your new inverter (unlikely event that faulty or wrong inverter shipped), please contact us as soon as possible so that we direct you to the RMA request page

Warranty:Our standard warranty period is 90 days for manufacturer defects - unless otherwise noted in the description(Not included in the warranty is defects caused by misuse of the inverter , for example ; dropped laptop , water damage , electrical surge etc...)

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