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Replacement Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad T40 T41 T42 Laptop battery

Looking for a replacement Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad T40 T41 T42 Laptop battery?

You have come to the right place. We have many Batteries for various laptop notebooks and for various manufacturers like Apple , Acer , Averatec , Compaq , Dell , Hp , Ibm , Sony , Toshiba , and more. Some batteries are used in several laptops and are interchangeable but most laptop batteries are specific to the model.These are OEM replacement batteries of very good quality and come with a 120 day warranty.

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BRAND NEW Replacement Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad T40 T41 T42 Laptop battery

Product Type: Replacement Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad Battery
Cell Type:Li-
Net Weight: 310g
Color: Black

Battery Manufacturer: 100% oem compatible

Battery Part #: Various

Compatible battery Part #'s: 08K8194 92P1010 92P1011 92P1013 92P1058 92P1060 92P1061 92P1062 92P1067 92P1070 92P1071 92P1074 92P1075 92P1087 92P1088 92P1089 92P1090 92P1091 92P1101 92P1102 93P5002 93P5003 ASM 08K8192 ASM 08K8196 ASM 08K8197 ASM 08K8198 ASM 08K8199 ASM 92P1064 ASM 92P1076 FRU 08K8193 FRU 08K8194 FRU 08K8195 FRU 08K8198 FRU 08K8201 FRU 08K8214 FRU 92P1069 FRU 92P1073

Battery compatibility: Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad R50 Series
ThinkPad R50-1829 ThinkPad R50-1830 ThinkPad R50 1831 ThinkPad R50 1832 ThinkPad R50 1833 ThinkPad R50 1836 ThinkPad R50 1840 ThinkPad R50 1841 ThinkPad R50 2883 ThinkPad R50 2887 ThinkPad R50 2888 ThinkPad R50 2889 ThinkPad R50 2894 ThinkPad R50 2895

Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad R50p Series
ThinkPad R50p 1829 ThinkPad R50p 1830 ThinkPad R50p 1831 ThinkPad R50p 1832 ThinkPad R50p 1833 ThinkPad R50p 1836 ThinkPad R50p 1840 ThinkPad R50p 1841 ThinkPad R50p 2883 ThinkPad R50p 2887 ThinkPad R50p 2888 ThinkPad R50p 2889 ThinkPad R50p 2894 ThinkPad R50p 2895

Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad R50e Series
ThinkPad R50e-1834 ThinkPad R50e-1842 ThinkPad R50e-1844 ThinkPad R50e-1845 ThinkPad R50e-1846 ThinkPad R50e-1847 ThinkPad R50e-1848 ThinkPad R50e-1849 ThinkPad R50e-1850 ThinkPad R50e-1858 ThinkPad R50e-1859 ThinkPad R50e-1860 ThinkPad R50e-1862 ThinkPad R50e-1863 ThinkPad R50e-1870

Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad R51 Series
ThinkPad R51 1829 ThinkPad R51-1830 ThinkPad R51-1831 ThinkPad R51 1832 ThinkPad R51 1833 ThinkPad R51-1836 ThinkPad R51 1840 ThinkPad R51 1841 ThinkPad R51-2883 ThinkPad R51-2887 ThinkPad R51-2888 ThinkPad R51-2889 ThinkPad R51 2894 ThinkPad R51 2895

Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad R51e Series
ThinkPad R51e-1861 ThinkPad R51e-1862 ThinkPad R51e-1863 ThinkPad R51e-1870 ThinkPad R51e-1834 ThinkPad R51e-1842 ThinkPad R51e 1844 ThinkPad R51e-1860 ThinkPad R51e-1846 ThinkPad R51e-1847 ThinkPad R51e-1848 ThinkPad R51e-1849 ThinkPad R51e-1850 ThinkPad R51e-1858 ThinkPad R51e-1859 ThinkPad R51e-1845

Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad R52 Series
ThinkPad R52 1843 ThinkPad R52 1844 ThinkPad R52 1845 ThinkPad R52-1846 ThinkPad R52-1847 ThinkPad R52-1848 ThinkPad R52-1849 ThinkPad R52 1850 ThinkPad R52-1858 ThinkPad R52-1859 ThinkPad R52-1860 ThinkPad R52-1861 ThinkPad R52-1862 ThinkPad R52-1863 ThinkPad R52-1870

Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad T4x Series
ThinkPadT40-2373, ThinkPadT40-2374, ThinkPadT40P, ThinkPadT41, ThinkPadT41P, ThinkPadT42, ThinkPadT42P, ThinkPadT43, ThinkPadT43P, ThinkPadT43-1871, ThinkPadT43-1876, ThinkPadT43-2668, ThinkPadT43P-2668

Battery Condition: Brand new

Warranty: This battery comes with an additional 120 Day warranty against manufacturers defects

Package contents: 1 Brand New Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad T40 T41 T42 replacement laptop battery

Diagnosis / Recommendations
Will a new battery help / remedy the problem?

In most cases if a laptop battery is not holding a charge anymore then it is time for a new one. There can be some times however that the reason it is not holding a charge is because of a defective chip on the motherboard or a problem with the circuitry. It is quite difficult to diagnose such a problem without the proper equipment , so if you purchased a new battery and that fails to hold a charge it can be a sign of a failing motherboard / battery charger board and a new battery will not remedy the situation and will require further diagnosing.

Returns & Exchanges:In event that you need to exchange your battery (unlikely event that faulty or wrong battery shipped), please contact us as soon as possible so that we can direct you to the RMA request page and help solve the problem

Warranty:Our standard warranty period is 90 days for manufacturer defects, unless specifically stated otherwise in the product description.(Not included in the warranty is defects caused by misuse of the battery , for example ; water damage , short circuiting , physical damage etc...)

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