148738321 Sony vaio VGN-NW series keyboard 9J.NOU82.B01 NEW


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Sony vaio VGN-NW series keyboard 9J.NOU82.B01 148738321 NEW

Looking for a replacement Sony vaio VGN-NW series keyboard 9J.NOU82.B01 148738321?

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Sony vaio VGN-NW series keyboard 9J.NOU82.B01 148738321

Brand: 100% OEM Sony original  
Model: VGN-NW Series
Keyboard condition: Brand New
Part numbers: 9J.NOU82.B01,  148738321

Compatible with the following part numbers: 9J.N0U82.A01(black) / 9J.N0U82.B01(white) / 9J.N0082.AD1 / 148738321 / S8A01 / 53010DG01-35-G / A-1731-834-A / A-1736-546-A / 1-487-383-21 / A1731834A / A1736546A
Compatible with the following models

VGN-FW300 series (VGN-NW330F, VGN-NW330F/P, VGN-NW330F/S, VGN-NW330F/W, VGN-NW345G, VGN-NW345G/S, VGN-NW350F, VGN-NW350F/S, VGN-NW360F, VGN-NW360F/P, VGN-NW360F/S, VGN-NW370F,VGN-NW370F/S, VGN-NW380F, VGN-NW380F/S) 

VGN-NW100 series (VGN-NW100J, VGN-NW120J, VGN-NW120J/S, VGN-NW120J/W, VGN-NW125J, VGN-NW130J, VGN-NW130J/S,VGN-NW130J/W, VGN-NW135J, VGN-NW135J/S, VGN-NW135J/W, VGN-NW150J (pcg-7173L), VGN-NW150J/S, VGN-NW150J/W) 

VGN-NW300 series (VGN-NW305F, VGN-NW305F/B, VGN-NW310F, VGN-NW310F/B, VGN-NW310F/T, VGN-NW315F, VGN-NW315F/B, VGN-NW315F/T, VGN-NW320F, VGN-NW320F/B, VGN-NW320F/T, VGN-NW330F, VGN-NW330F/B, VGN-NW330F/T, VGN-NW345G, VGN-NW345G/B) 

VGN-NW200 series (VGN-NW265F/B, VGN-NW270F, VGN-NW270F/B, VGN-NW270F/T, VGN-NW275F, VGN-NW275F/B, VGN-NW275F/P, VGN-NW275F/T, VGN-NW280F, VGN-NW280F/B, VGN-NW280F/T) 

VGN-NW200 series (VGN-NW220F, VGN-NW220F/T, VGN-NW225F, VGN-NW225F/B, VGN-NW225F/T, VGN-NW228F, VGN-NW228F/B, VGN-NW230G, VGN-NW230G/B, VGN-NW235F, VGN-NW235F/B, VGN-NW235F/T) 

VGN-FW300 series (VGN-NW350F, VGN-NW350F/B, VGN-NW360F, VGN-NW360F/B, VGN-NW370F, VGN-NW370F/B, VGN-NW380F, VGN-NW380F/B, VGN-NW380F/T) 

VGN-NW200 series (VGN-NW220F, VGN-NW220F/P, VGN-NW220F/S, VGN-NW225F, VGN-NW225F/P, VGN-NW225F/S, VGN-NW228F, VGN-NW228F/S, VGN-NW235F, VGN-NW235F/P, VGN-NW235F/S, VGN-NW238F, VGN-NW238F/P, VGN-NW238F/S, VGN-NW240F, VGN-NW240F/P) 

VGN-NW100 series (VGN-NW100J, VGN-NW120J, VGN-NW120J/T, VGN-NW125J, VGN-NW125J/T, VGN-NW130J, VGN-NW130J/T,VGN-NW135J, VGN-NW135J/T, VGN-NW150J (pcg-7173L), VGN-NW150J/T,VGN-NW160J,VGN-NW160J/T, VGN-NW180J, VGN-NW180J/T)

VGN-NW200 series (VGN-NW238F, VGN-NW238F/B, VGN-NW238F/T, VGN-NW240F, VGN-NW240F/B, VGN-NW240F/T, VGN-NW242F, VGN-NW250F, VGN-NW250F/B, VGN-NW250F/T, VGN-NW265F) 

VGN-NW100 series (VGN-NW160J, VGN-NW160J/S, VGN-NW160J/W, VGN-NW180J, VGN-NW180J/S, VGN-NW180J/W) 

VGN-NW200 series (VGN-NW240F/S, VGN-NW242F, VGN-NW242F/S, VGN-NW250F, VGN-NW250F/P, VGN-NW250F/S, VGN-NW265F, VGN-NW270F, VGN-NW270F/P, VGN-NW270F/S,VGN-NW275F, VGN-NW275F/S,VGN-NW280F, VGN-NW280F/P, VGN-NW280F/S) 

VGN-NW300 series (VGN-NW305F, VGN-NW310F, VGN-NW310F/P, VGN-NW310F/S, VGN-NW310F/W, VGN-NW315F, VGN-NW315F/P, VGN-NW315F/S, VGN-NW315F/W, VGN-NW320F, VGN-NW320F/P, VGN-NW320F/S, VGN-NW320F/W) 
Color: White
Warranty: This keyboard comes with an additional 120 day warranty
Package contents: 1 x  Brand new Sony Vaio VGN-NW series keyboard - 9J.NOU82.B01,  148738321

Diagnosis / Recommendations
Will a new keyboard help / remedy the problem?

In most cases if a keyboard is not working it is the keyboard itself that is faulty and getting a new keyboard will solve the problem. In some cases though it can be a result of a failing motherboard , where a chip that relates to the keyboard burned out or got defective. In this case you can try an external keyboard and if that doesn't work the motherboard will most likely need replacement.

Returns & Exchanges:In event that you need to exchange your keyboard (unlikely event that faulty or wrong keyboard shipped), please contact us as soon as possible so that we can ship you a new one right away and provide you with a return shipping label.

Warranty:Our standard warranty period is 90 days for manufacturer defects.(Not included in the warranty is defects caused by misuse of the keyboard , for example ; water damage etc...)

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