Dell Inspiron 9400 17" CCFL backlight bulb replacement - NEW


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Dell Inspiron 9400 17" CCFL backlight bulb replacement - NEW

Looking for a replacement Dell Inspiron 9400 17" CCFL backlight bulb?

You have come to the right place. We have many backlights for various laptop notebooks and for various manufacturers like Apple , Acer , Averatec , Compaq , Dell , Hp , Ibm , Sony , Toshiba , and more.Before ordering a backlight please make sure that that is the problem. (Especially if your laptop has not been used for a lot of hours) In most cases it is the lcd inverter that is faulty and not the lcd screen itself. If you need help determining if it is the inverter that is faulty please check this link Diagnose lcd

If you don't find the backlight you are looking for please feel free to contact us by clicking Here

BRAND NEW Dell Inspiron 9400 17" CCFL backlight bulb replacement - NEW
Compatible with the following lcd screens: All 17.1 WXGA lcd screens
Part #: N/A
Compatible with the following laptops: All laptops using a 17" WXGA lcd screen
Size / Length: 375mm x 2.0mm
Condition: Brand new
Warranty: 120 Days

Package contents: 1 - Dell Inspiron 9400 17" CCFL backlight bulb replacement

Does this require additional drivers?: No it does not.

Difficulty of replacing?: Medium - Hard , requires patience

Additional notes: Requires soldering

A word about backlight ccfl bulbs

A backlight bulb is considered a consumable and much like a light bulb it only has a certain amount of life. One of the common things that happen before a laptop screen backlight fails is it either starts flickering or starts turning a pinkish color so if you noticed any of these symptoms prior to the ccfl lamp failing then it is 99% that you will need to replace either the screen or the backlight / ccfl bulb.

Please note although it is possible to replace a laptop backlight , it is not so simple and not recommended for the novice. One would be better off getting the whole screen. Also when replacing a ccfl backlight lamp it will require some very basic soldering skills and patience. So before purchasing your new ccfl backlight lamp please read up on installation procedures etc...

Diagnosis / Recommendations
Do I need a new Backlight? Perhaps. Is your lcd:

Dim / Black?A dim display is either the result of 1) a faulty inverter which is a separate piece from the display or 2) a burned out backlight which is part of the display. In the majority of instances, the inverter is the cause of the problem and not the backlight as most people tend to assume and therefore does not require the purchase of a display.If your lcd started getting a pinkish tint and then eventually stopped working , then it is 99% that it is the backlight and a new backlight will solve the problem. Please note:It is not that easy to replace a backlight so I would strongly suggest you do some research on replacing a laptop backlight first before ordering a new backlight.

Returns & Exchanges:In event that you need to exchange your new display (unlikely event that faulty or wrong display shipped), please contact us as soon as possible so that we can ship you a new one right away and provide you with a return shipping label.

Warranty:Our standard warranty period is 90 days for manufacturer defects.(Not included in the warranty is defects caused by misuse of the lcd screen , for example ; dropped laptop , water damage , electrical surge etc...)

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