Dell Inspiron 1525 1521 lcd screen inverter K02I115.05 Brand New


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Dell Inspiron 1525 1521 laptop lcd screen inverter - K02I115.05

Looking for a replacement K02I115.05 Dell Inspiron 1525 1521 laptop lcd screen inverter?

You have come to the right place. We have many inverters for various laptop notebooks and for various manufacturers like Apple , Acer , Averatec , Compaq , Dell , Hp , Ibm , Sony , Toshiba , and more. Some inverters are interchangeable but you have to make sure that they are indeed compatible. The best is to get the exact part number. In most cases it is the lcd inverter that is faulty and not the lcd screen itself. If you need help determining if it is the inverter that is faulty please check this link Diagnose lcd

If you don't find the screen you are looking for please feel free to contact us by clicking Here

Please note there may different types of inverters within the Dell 1521 , 1525 series so please double check that your inverter is listed in the compatible part numbers or that your lcd inverter looks like the one in the picture.

BRAND NEW Dell Inspiron 1525 1521 laptop lcd screen inverter - K02I115.05

This lcd inverter is compatible with the following part numbers: 6632L-0267B, K08I024.01, E200017433-03, U40I007T02, 06B23, 6632L-0267A, 6632L-0267A07131, 6014B24006, 6632L-0265A, T73I05.00, LTN154X3-B2, LJ97-00678A, LJ97-00680A, K02I106.01, 6632L-0267A, K08I024.00, 6632L-0266A, K08I026.00, 6632L-0369A, YPNL-N022A, 6632L-0267B, 6632L-0365C, K08I028.02, U40I008T01, 6632L-0266B, K08I026.01, U40I008T00, T16I010.02, 250000004600, LJ97-00684A, K02I108.01, LJ97-01019A, K02I114.01, 250000005200, IV12139T/B3, IV12139/T, LJ97-01015A, K02I115.03, K02I115.01, NIT68006.71, 27-D003365, K02I114.03, T16I010.03, LJ97-01531A, K02I115.05, U40I008T04, U40I008T05, U40I008T06, U40I008T07, K02I115.01 LF K02I082.00 LJ97-01531A K02I114.03 LF, U40I008T04, LJ97-01019A, K02I115.01 LF , LJ97-01015A , U40I008T04 K02I115.03 LF, LJ97-01015A U40I008T04

Works with the following lcd screens: LP154WU1-A1K3, LP154W02-B1K6, LP154W02-B1K7,LP154WV1-A1K3, LP154W02-B1K6, LP154W02-B1K7,LTN141W1-M8, LP141WP1-TLA1, LP141WX1-TL04,LTN154-M8
Lcd Inverter Part #: K02I115.05
Compatible with the following laptops:

Dell Inspiron Series:

1521 , 1525 • Condition: Inverter is Brand new
Warranty: This lcd inverter comes with a 120 day warranty

Package contents: 1 Dell Inspiron 1525 1521 lcd screen inverter K02I115.05 Brand New

Does this lcd inverter require additional drivers?: No it does not.

Diagnosis / Recommendations
Do I need a new inverter? Perhaps. Is your lcd:

Dim / Black?A dim display is either the result of 1) a faulty inverter which is a separate piece from the display or 2) a burned out backlight which is part of the display. In the majority of instances, the inverter is the cause of the problem and not the backlight as most people tend to assume and therefore does not require the purchase of a display.

Returns & Exchanges:In event that you need to exchange your new display (unlikely event that faulty or wrong display shipped), please contact us as soon as possible so that we can ship you a new one right away and provide you with a return shipping label.

Warranty:Our standard warranty period is 90 days for manufacturer defects.(Not included in the warranty is defects caused by misuse of the lcd screen , for example ; dropped laptop , water damage , electrical surge etc...)

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