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Looking for a replacement laptop lcd screen ?

You have come to the right place. We have many screens for various laptop notebooks and for various manufacturers like Apple , Acer , Averatec , Compaq , Dell , Hp , Ibm , Sony , Toshiba , and more and . Screens come in different sizes like 12" , 14" , 15" , 15.4" , and 17" , there are also different types of screens like xga , sxga uxga , wxga, wsxga and they can have different finishes , for example glossy , matt etc... When replacing a laptop screen it is important to get an exact match , so the best is if you can check what model you currently have in your laptop and order that specific screen . Some lcd's are interchangeable but you have to know which ones are and which are not.

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A word about laptop screens.

There may several reasons why someone might want to get a new laptop screen , the most common reason is your old one has seen better and "brighter" days . Some people might want to get a new lcd panel to upgrade to a higher resolution or to get a glossy , x-brite , or true-brite screen , but whatever the case may be there are some important things to know before replacing or ordering your new lcd screen.


Firstly , not always if your screen is not displaying properly , is it the lcd panel itself , there might be some other reasons that it is not working properly for example ; dead laptop inverter , bad backlight ( the light bulb of the screen ) a damaged lcd cable or even a bad motherboard , so if you need help with determining what the problem is then please check this link Diagnose a dim or dark lcd . Now obviously if your screen is cracked then there is no way to fix that and you will need a replacement lcd screen.



Now another thing to know is , whether or not a specific screen will work in your laptop. Generally laptop screens are specific to the laptop model , and using a different model screen other than the model in your laptop may result in damaging the screen since in most cases a specific lcd panel uses a specific lcd cable. There are however instances in which as long as the resolution and pin connectors are the same you can use a different model lcd but you have to know which lcd screens are compatible with each other. So the best is if you can find the specific model of your lcd by removing it from your laptop and getting an exact replacement.



Another important thing to note is that if you had a regular resolution lcd (xga or wxga) and want to upgrade to a higher resolution (for example sxga , uxga , wsxga , wuxga ) in most cases you will have to get the specific lcd cable that goes to that screen ; by using your existing lcd cable you will most likely damage the new lcd. Also note that different size lcd panels are sometimes used within the same model laptop so make sure you get the right size. (The size of an lcd screen is measured diagonally from upper right corner to the lower left corner.)



Hopefully this gave you some insight and general info before making an lcd purchase. If you have any questions regarding your lcd screen issues , feel free to contact us Here






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